Touchpoint System by Greenwave MSCMobilize your store with Touchpoint Mobile POS


Touchpoint SMEs Cloud

A single cloud tool with numerous modules such as POS, accounting, distribution, inventory designed for retail industry.


Improve Your Work Productivity

Businesses can streamline workflows applications with our apps that offer simple and precise features.


Touchpoint Mobile POS

Mobile technology is driving the future of retail, this solution consists of Mobile POS, Inventory & Catalogue.


Mobile Inventory & Catalogue

Sales assistant is able to check stock level instantly, accessing real-time complex product info without flipping through printed brochures, thus improving efficiency.


Touchpoint Integrated Retail Systems

Our proprietary systems that offer complete cross-channel end-to-end solution to meet your growing multi-stores business demand.


Timely Financial

Up to date financial information and constantly monitoring financial performance allows businesses to respond proactively.



Mobile technology is driving the future of retail, and the future is mobile-first approach to customer experience. Greenwave's Touchpoint Mobile POS provides excellent customer experience through streamlined checkouts to bust long queues at POS counters, clienteling with e-catalogue creating opportunities to perform up-selling and cross-selling, real time price and inventory check, among other things.



Greenwave MSC operates in an ever growing and evolving market. We choose to focus on the provision of facilities and services to the retail industry. Our principal activities are in the development of IT services made available to users on demand via the Internet. Touchpoint is our business cloud service enabling effective management of business operations for SMEs in the retail industry. We take the advantage of the growing number of SMEs buying what Touchpoint SMEs Cloud POS and Mobile POS has to offer.

Alternatively, for multi-stores Retailers and Enterprise customers who has their own private network system, we offer our proprietary Touchpoint Integrated Retail Systems that is scalable and is ready to integrate with any 3rd party software and back office system. Greenwave MSC prides itself on providing a solution scalable to the different needs of a business segment in the retail industry.

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